About K.C. Herbel

I am an independent author of Fantasy and Science Fiction.
I write stories about magic, technology, adventure, intrigue, danger, defeat and triumph. I also write about things that really matter, like: friends, family, love, loyalty, right and wrong, good vs. evil, patriotism, bravery, duty and honor.

I have degrees in Applied Electrical Engineering and Theatrical Engineering, and worked in the robotics and entertainment industries in Hollywood for more than 20 years, helping to create amazing creatures for theme parks, commercials, and movies you’ve seen.

I grew up in the American Southwest and spent two decades in Southern California. I have traveled much of the U.S. and Europe (both East and West) and have worked in France, Korea, Japan, and China. Now I live in the woods near Richmond, Virginia with my family, which includes five dogs. At the time of writing this, I have a grandson in diapers and another in college, with two more incredible grandchildren in-between.

About Pic Strip-200My reading habit includes books on my Kindle, but I still love the feel of a bound book in my hands and the smell of new books at the local bookstores. Ah, new book smell … I wonder if I can get air freshener in that sent.

Let me show you the dark and luminous worlds that I have found…

I will take you down deep forest paths that dwell in magical realms and slice across Earth’s secret histories. Come well armed, for on our adventures you will encounter both Sword and Sorcery, and Epic battles, as our quest draws us ever forward. The people of these lands are real and passionate. Some are virtuous, some evil, and some a little of both. While most of the folks are human (very human), you will also meet faeries, giants, demons, dwarfs, dragons, and an array of disturbing, magical creatures from the realm of nightmares.

I will take you on an intimate journey to worlds orbiting distant stars, where heroes struggle with the elements, or against the whole world, and surviving to tomorrow is a victory. Set against rich alien landscapes and civilizations, these adventures will open your eyes and challenge your thinking. You’ll meet aliens, robots, killer microorganisms, and huge, terrifying creatures you’ll be glad are in a far away solar system long after you’ve finished the book.

So what’s it all about?

Relationship! That’s what it’s all about. How do the characters relate to their environments or circumstances, to technology, to magic? How do they respond and interact to aliens or supernatural beings? How do they see themselves? How do they relate to each other, to their family – their mother or father? I am especially interested in the father-child relationship and its profound influence on our lives.

Relationship! It’s also about how you relate to the characters and their stories. Each reader and fictional character is an individual. My goal is to bring the two of you together in a kind of joint telepathic experience. Some characters you will hate. Some you will love. For some, you will cheer when they die, for others you will shed a tear. In time, I hope you will grow to see them as I do: as companions.

Relationship! The telling and reading of these stories forms a relationship between you and me. My mind touches yours, across town or time or light years, traveling at the speed of thought, through the words on the page. In the words of Queen, “It’s a kind of magic.” I know it’s unlikely that we shall ever know each other in great depth, but you will have a piece of me in my words – maybe the best part. Similarly, I can get to know you through your words, if you contact me here.

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