Destiny JW Waterhouse 1900 - possilbe Maeven or CaenneJuliet JW Waterhouse 1989!SPOILER ALERT!

Lady Caenne is daughter to Lord Feolaghe and the Lady Barane of the royal court.

Unlike her sister, Lady Maeven, Caenne has few memories of her family’s ancestral home of Feolaghe Tor. All of her formative years were spent in and around Nyraval and Castle Orgulous.

Though she looks older than her age – bearing a strong resemblance to her older sister, Maeven – Caenne is still a naïve child, easily frightened by thunderstorms and bad dreams. She is close to Maeven and their mother, who have done their best to protect her from the vices a child might be exposed to at a great court. Despite this care, Caenne’s story ends in tragedy.

Caenne disappears in The Prince only to turn up dead – the apparent victim of a brutal murder. In truth, she has been sacrificed to summon Dheumon, an ancient demon of the deep. Ergyfel gives Caenne to Dheumon in lieu of sacrificing his love, Maeven – “the daughter of Feolaghe”, whom the demon demanded in payment for the task of killing Billy. Ergyfel’s little “trick” does not go over well with the demon and the foul abomination sets up shop around Castle Orgulous to become the bane of Ergyfel.

Later in the story, Caenne haunts Ergyfel through several very disturbing appearances, orchestrated by Dheumon. Ultimately, it is Caenne who brings down King Ergyfel, the Usurper.

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