Hugh Jackman !SPOILER ALERT!

Sir Hugh, the King’s Champion, and son of Sir Sedgemore and Lady Morwyn

Despite his lofty position in King William‘s court, Hugh is a troubled soul. He is a man passionate about his duty and his love. He is the best warrior in all Lyonesse, a hero to the people, honored by his king, admired by his fellow knights and most nobles, yet he is the bearer of a title he does not deserve: “son of a traitor”. Though this unofficial title is only whispered in the dark corners of Castle Orgulous, it is whispered non-the-less – mostly by jealous rivals and his enemies, chief among whom is Ergyfel, the king’s cousin and First Advisor (and the man responsible for the treacherous act wrongly attributed to Hugh’s father). This pain from his past and a deep desire to clear his father’s name is what drives Hugh to excel in everything he does. It is what has made him a great warrior and champion to the king. Secretly he fears falling short of others expect of him, thus confirming the rumors about his father. For this reason he has set exceedingly high standards for himself – standards, which in the past have cost him the love of his life.lastdragon

Hugh and Billy’s paths cross during The Innkeeper’s son (Book 1 of the Jester King Series) when Hugh saves Billy from a forest dragon; a meeting that entangles their fates far beyond what either could guess. They soon become fast friends as well as mentor and pupil. Hugh becomes Billy’s lute instructor (for a short while), a skill that eventually lands Billy a position in the royal court. In this same book, Hugh is one corner of a love triangle involving the Lady Myrredith of Cyndyn Hall and her husband, Sir Aonghas. This subplot explores loyalty, friendship, honor and unrequited love and what happens when they collide.

By the time our story reopens in The Prince (Book 3), Hugh has lost everything: his titles, position, lands, armor, horse, best friend (Billy), and his father’s/family sword. The only thing he has left is his sense of duty and his love for the Lady Myrredith. And as he has been dismissed by the court, his only focus is on saving Myrredith from the invading army of Gwythia (an old enemy of Lyonesse). Despite incredible heroism and skill, Hugh is thwarted and nearly killed. He must recover his health and will to live in order to save Myrredith from her execution at the hands of Prince Hereweald, the Gwyddean general. Once his father’s sword and Billy are restored to him, Hugh becomes his old indomitable self (for the most part) and helps Billy retake the kingdom from the Gwythies and the usurper, Ergyfel.Viggo Mortensen3bOW Original2