Imagine My Surprise

There I am minding my own little world, trying to keep my nose clean and get out four books before Christmas. When …


It nails me right between the eyes…

The cover I worked so hard to find and perfect and purchase, for The Prince (book #3) is all wrong!

Please allow me to define all wrong.

All wrong in this case means the that the scene depicted on the cover is not even in The Prince! In earlier days, when I was ironing some things out with the story, it might have been, but now that particular scene is firmly in the early parts of book #4, The King!

How could I have been so blind?

That scene hasn’t been in The Prince for quite some time now. I made that decision, long ago, and yet…here it was staring at me from the cover of that same book.

So like most hardened warriors, I drew my sword and  – who am I kidding – panic immediately set in as I tried to figure out how to pull back all the submissions I’d already sent out for book #3 to various distributors and printers and the like.

And what was I to do about the OBVIOUSLY WRONG COVER?

Well, once I realized that only some of my distributors would actually charge me for the change, I set to work to find a new cover. I went back to the same source I used for all four original covers, but nothing there seemed right. Nearly out of hope, I searched through an images site I belong to and suddenly things started to look up. Eventually, I found the perfect image and did some image editing and Word magic to duplicate my cover template for the series and presto-change-o new cover!

The rest of the horrible logistics story I’ll leave to your imagination. But for right now, just enjoy the newest cover in The Jester King Fantasy Series, bask in his glory, and allow me to relax on my laurels for a second or two before a new publishing fire springs up and ruins this perfectly dreadful cold and fever I’m trying to vanquish.

By the way, this is the official cover release for The Prince!

Oh, yes, almost forgot! The Innkeeper’s Son also had it’s official debut today! Two 5-star reviews so far. Thank you, please keep the reviews coming!

Until next time…

Best Wishes and Better Adventures,