Spellbinder Cover Release!

spellbinder - final 4

For the first time since Billy met him, the wizard’s sharp, birdlike eyes contained fear…

The three ancient elves known as the Witan spoke:

“Your mother, Queen Eleanor, set upon you a spellbinder.

“A spell-binder?” repeated Billy.

“She knew she was to die, so she placed in you all her power and bound it to you.”

“In you – all your life – was the power to rule Faerie.”

“Locked away it was, like a bird in a cage. We have unraveled her spells and opened the cage.”

“What?” exclaimed Billy. “You mean the magic which rules Tirn Aill is…loose?”

The wizard looked at the huddled forest elves and lowered his voice. “The problem is that Tirn Aill has forever existed in spring and summer. It’s never had an autumn or a winter, and if it does…”

Billy’s mind flashed to his vision of a barren, icy wasteland. Faerie corpses, clenched in eternal agony, littered the landscape.

“Tirn Aill is already slumping into autumn, and I don’t know if it can be stopped,” said the wizard.

“All of Faerie is subject to the will of Tirn Aill’s ruler,” said the Witan, “even the weather.”

“You must learn to be king…and quickly!”

With so much at stake, Billy felt inadequate. He took a deep breath and asked, “Will I be able to save Tirn Aill? Will I figure out how to bind the magic in time?”

“You are our best hope.”

The saga continues for Billy and his valiant friends! This time, two kingdoms and the lives of thousands are in peril. Billy must risk a return to Lyonesse, in the midst of a brutal war, to save Lady Myrredith’s life and find an elusive spell. His enemies have increased and grown more powerful, especially the sorcerer Ergyfel, but the former jester still has a few tricks up his sleeves.

Cover Story:

Now that you’ve been wowed by Spellbinder‘s new cover and enticed by the back-cover blurb, let me tell you a little about my new friend and cover artist, Aidana WillowRaven. First, she was very personable and dealt with my authorial quirks quite well. I am a control freak, as I’m sure she can attest, and still the project managed turn out quite well, with Aidana patiently keeping me in line and keeping me appeased with updated artwork as it developed. Most important, I think, is that she is an artist and brings her sensitivity to interpreting the author’s work and wishes. But I’ve gone on long enough. I will let her work speak for itself. For more information and a good look at what WillowRaven does best, please go to her website.

My new cover for Spellbinder is displayed on her site here: http://willowraven.weebly.com/spellbinder.html

You can also navigated to her homepage using this URL: http://willowraven.weebly.com/

I and Aidana would love to read your thoughts about the new cover and Aidana’s work. Any questions or comments about the upcoming book are also welcome!

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