Works in Progress

(writing progress – writing process – when are things coming out?)

This year is proving a busy year for me … again. Besides continuing to build websites. I plan to release several books. This is the place where you can keep up to date on their progress.

The Prince – RELEASED: October 6, 2017
And the plan includes publishing The Prince (the 3rd book in The Jester King Fantasy Series).

100 %

The King – RELEASED: December 1, 2017
Happy to say that 2017 should also include publishing The King (the 4th book in The Jester King Fantasy Series). In time for Christmas!

100 %

Enchanted – DUE: 2018
My current plans include publishing Enchanted in 2018 (the 3rd edition of the combined first two books in The Jester King Fantasy Series: formerly With a Jester of Kindness).

85 %

Spellbinder – Due: 2018
This year should also see the publication of the much awaited sequel to Enchanted : Spellbinder. This is also a two-book installment to the story.

90 %

The Sword & The Rose (working title) – Due: 2018
I will be releasing a prequel novella about Sir Hugh and Lady Myrredith in their younger days. This story takes place prior to the start of The Innkeeper’s Son. (There may be two novellas.)

15 %

I have several projects stewing on the back burner. Some are fantasy, and some science fiction. Just to give you an idea, these are some of them:

 — Fantasy —

Deepwood – Due: 2019
Roselyn’s life has been forged by Deepwood, the ancient forest standing across the road from her home. It is a cursed bramble that swallowed up her father like so many before him. When a child disappears from the village, Roselyn must summon the courage to enter in where no man dares to tread.

25 %

— Science Fiction —

Shylea’s Gift – Due: 2018
Rachel is the brightest doctor in her field. She loves solving problems and working with the robots in her lab, but yearns to follow in her parent’s footsteps – into space. When she’s offered a spot on the first colony to encounter an intelligent extraterrestrial species, she jumps at the chance, but she gets more than she bargained for. Her enigmatic boss, the alien planet and culture; all are more deadly than they first appear. It will take all her resources and character, and the gift of a strange alien girl to stay alive.

60 %

Forerunner – Due: 2020
With the Earth destroyed, it’s up to Jack Champion and his space marines to secure and prepare a new home for humankind. But something is wrong; the idyllic world chosen for our “New Earth” is not as expected. Something dark stalks the land. Tireless, it seeks to destroy all who would invade its world.

10 %

They Come Unbidden – Due: 202?
When colossal beings of incredible, destructive power invade your world  , what do you?
If you’re Jet and Una, you fight back!

5 %

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