Spellbinder Update: Jan 2015

Greetings Jester King fans, and others!

Just dropping you a line to let you know what’s happening with Spellbinder – the editing project that wouldn’t end.

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I am currently working with not one but two editors, AND I’ve managed to secure the help of a traditionally-published fantasy author, whose work I respect.

⊕ The first editor gave me some terrific edits and some help with POV, and will be providing a final edit/sanity check.

⊕ The second editor is currently helping me to tighten it up and pointing out where I missed something.

⊕ The author will be providing an in-depth manuscript critique.

When it’s all said and done, Spellbinder will have been edited to within an inch of its life – all for the better. The story will be at a trim fighting weight, and able to give you that knockout punch you desire. I went through a lot of editing for With a Jester of Kindness (the first book in this series), but nothing this intense. In short it should be an epic book.

I’m still very excited about this story. I’m very proud of it and can hardly wait to get it into your hands. However, until it’s truly finished, you’ll have to satisfy your cravings with re-reading the first book and imagining the story behind this amazing cover.

Best wishes and better adventures,


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  1. Due diligence…a lot of work but worth it in the end for you and your readers. So enjoyed Jester, cannot wait for Spellbinder!

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